Sep 19, 2020


NetSci 2020 Satellite (virtual)

Multilayers and Beyond (Day 2)

Day 2 Session of Multilayers and Beyond, a Satellite of NetSci 2020.

Oct 13, 2020


Boston, MA (virtual)

MultiNet Webinar Series Kickoff: Alessandro Vespignani

AccelNet-MultiNet PI Alessandro Vespignani will introduce the program and monthly webinar series, and give a talk on “MultiNet Epidemiology at the Time of COVID-19.” Open Q&A and discussion to follow.

Nov 10, 2020


Trento (virtual)

MultiNet Webinar Series: Manlio De Domenico

Manlio De Domenico will present his talk, "Multilayer modeling of complex systems: from systems medicine to infodemiology (of COVID-19)," on Nov. 10 at 11 a.m. ET.

Dec 8, 2020


Davis, CA (virtual)

MultiNet Webinar Series: Raissa M. D'Souza

Raissa M. D'Souza will give a talk on Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. ET.

Feb 9, 2021


Los Angeles, CA (virtual)

MultiNet Webinar Series: Mason Porter

Mason Porter will present " Centrality in Multilayer Networks" on Feb. 9 at noon ET.

Mar 9, 2021


Boston, MA (virtual)

MultiNet Webinar Series: Tina Eliassi-Rad

Tina Eliassi-Rad will present "Geometric and Topological Graph Analysis for Machine Learning Applications" on March 9 at 11 a.m. ET.


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