Our mission

To foster scientific discovery and knowledge exchange opportunities between US and European network science research communities through training tools and collaborative opportunities that leverage international perspectives and approaches.

AccelNet-MultiNet focuses on advancing our knowledge about Multilayer (or multilevel) networks, a theme that is common to virtually all complex systems across domains. Whether the system is physical, social, or informational in nature, they often exist as networks among many other networks. Just as we cannot fully understand the cell, if we do not integrate information from all of its biological components, the function of one network is often interdependent on the function of one or many other interdependent, co-evolving networks.

The importance of multilayer network approaches for understanding diverse complex systems is so vast, major research efforts have begun all over the world. Unfortunately, much of the research has been carried out in relative isolation, with few opportunities for collaboration across national borders.

AccelNet-MultiNet will develop formal mechanisms for international exchange, integration and recombination of knowledge and tools. We will do this through a series of educational and training activities, and a series of collaborative events meetings dedicated to establishing international consensus around the future challenges and priorities.

Existing collaborations between AccelNet-MultiNet hub site partners
and multilayer network experts throughout the US and Europe.

Our program builds upon a community of researchers, institutions, and countries across the US and Europe with the aim of strengthening and expanding the international consortium of network scientists. New combinations of perspectives and resources will advance scientific discovery in the field of multilayer network science, and establish new capabilities for international collaborations.


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