Multilayers and Beyond (Day 2)

Please note this is Day 2 of Multilayers and Beyond, a satellite session at NetSci 2020. Learn more about Day 1 and past editions of this satellite.

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The coexistence of multiple types of interactions within social, technological and biological networks has moved the focus of the statistical physics of complex systems towards their description as a set of subsystems organized as layers of connectivity. This novel approach has unveiled that the multilayer nature of complex systems has strong influence in the emergence of collective states and their critical properties.

Although recently spurred by the burst of datasets in which different means of interactions within the same system are encoded, the interest in the multilayered nature of complex systems dates back several decades and span across diverse disciplines. This has enhanced the activity devoted to multilayered networks of many network science practitioners during the recent years and, nowadays, the topic is one the most important directions in the field.

Session II: State of the art. In this session, we hope to explore the current state of the field of multilayer network science to characterize major challenges, identify important application areas, and key advances that we hope to make in the near future. The session will act as a kickoff meeting for AccelNet-MultiNet (, a new NSF-sponsored initiative that aims to build new ties for collaboration, and expand the cohesiveness and coordination of the research community. The AccelNet-MultiNet program will include international scholar exchanges, collabathon activities, webinar series, and future in-person and virtual meetings that aim to formalize shared standards, priorities and strategies. Satellite participants will be invited to join the community to contribute and participate and shape future activities. Invited speakers include: Ginestra Bianconi, Byungnam Kahng and Sarika Jalan.


  • Manlio De Domenico, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  • Alex Arenas, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Ann McCranie, Indiana University
  • Santo Fortunato, Indiana University
  • Kate Coronges, Northeastern University


PROGRAMME day II (Please note all times are in CEST)

15:30: Introduction to MultiNet (Santo Fortunato) and speaker introductions (János Kertész)
We will discuss the plans for AccelNet-MultiNet, an NSF-sponsored effort to accelerate scientific discovery in multilayer network science.

15:40: Sarika Jalan - Adaptive multiplexing leading to explosive synchronization in multilayer networks

16:00: Byungnam Kahng - Link overlap influence opinion dynamics on multiplex networks: spin model approach

16:20: Ginestra Bianconi - Multilayer networks: Structure and function

16:45: Coffee break

17:00: Panel discussion: Accelerating scientific discovery in multilayer network science
Brief presentation of goals, vision, and strategic activities of the AccelNet-MultiNet initiative. Those interested in joining activities or just staying aware of the activities of the initiative are encouraged to attend to learn more and share ideas and feedback.

17:45: Wrap up

Sep 19, 2020

3:30 pm


6:00 pm


NetSci 2020 Satellite (virtual)

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